Noise Impact Assessments Are Not One Size Fits All

Finding the right solution for your energy & resource project

Where To Start?

Having a Noise Impact Assessment, commonly known as an NIA, on file at any stage of a project, can be extremely beneficial in identifying potential noise sources that may impact occupied dwellings around a facility.

At Patching Associates, we have found that clients who complete their NIAs earlier in the planning process, can be more successful during the project cycle and experience less regulatory and financial risk once the project has been completed.

Our process begins with asking the right questions to quickly determine the scope of the work and identify the type of noise assessment best suited to the project. We establish any uncertainties at the start, ensuring surprises are minimized or avoided altogether.

One NIA Doesn’t Fit All

Regional regulations and by-laws typically require the completion of a Noise Impact Assessment to predict and identify major facility noise sources, and any impacts to surrounding residences or communities. Even though the term Noise Impact Assessment is used to cover every report, in reality, each assessment can be very different from each other depending on site-specific characteristics.

At Patching Associates, we collaborate with each client and each project to determine the best approach to complete a Noise Impact Assessment. The most common noise assessment we complete are for Energy & Resources projects, where clients are looking to build an Oil & Gas facility or expand on their existing one. Regulations are generally quite stringent around what needs to be included in these types of NIAs; however, each facility, location or equipment type presents unique differences that opens up a range of possible assessment opportunities.

Finding The Right Noise Assessment

Given all the different regulations, noise requirements and scope of work possibilities, Patching Associates has created a range of Noise Assessments that can be tailored for Energy & Resources projects.

Using our suite of online tools, oil and gas companies can quickly and cost-effectively assess risk early in the planning process and determine the best course of action to comply with noise-related regulatory requirements. SoundComply is an innovative online tool designed to quickly and easily assess facility-related noise impacts on adjacent facilities and residences and should be used as the first step in assessing noise-related risk.

The results of SoundComply can provide valuable insights into the type of noise assessment required for regulatory application submission, saving time and money. With the right information entered, SoundComply can determine if a Screening Noise Impact Assessment or a more detailed NIA is appropriate for a particular facility, based on its location, type of equipment and neighbouring facilities.

Patching Associates provides a Screening Noise Impact Assessment for facilities that are typically smaller with less noise-related risk or situated in remote areas without adjacent facilities or nearby dwellings. Facilities in such circumstances can complete an online assessment and receive an application-ready report for a minimal investment.

Our standard and most common NIAs are completed theoretically using our extensive database of equipment measurements, supported by publicly sourced information. These kinds of projects are best suited to projects where facility equipment details are available, or adjacent energy-related facilities are known.

As projects increase in complexity, more robust noise assessments involving detailed measurements and noise modelling are required. Projects involving multiple stakeholders or those located in sensitive areas where there’s a chance that a formal complaint may be filed, typically fall into this category. These NIAs are best completed using high-detailed measurements to confirm the scope of work, the unique surroundings of the location, the stakeholders involved and to capture operating scenarios. This process significantly increases model accuracy and assists in predicting long term facility planning.

Sound Science

Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering has the flexibility and experience to execute your next project. We know what it takes to comply. Our team has successfully completed thousands of NIAs, with different noise regulations, noise restrictions and by-laws.

We understand the variables that matter and are experts in interpreting the results to make reasonable decisions on noise control solutions that are fit for purpose and practicality.