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A New Approach To Noise Assessments

In Alberta, energy and resource facilities are required to complete a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) when planning a new facility or expansion of an existing facility to comply with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 038: Noise Control requirements.

Noise Impact Assessments provide valuable insights to energy and resource companies and regulators around noise-related impacts of facility operations on surrounding communities. And, completing NIA’s in the early planning stages has been shown to support better equipment decisions, provide direction on facility location, and result in less regulatory and financial risk once the project has been completed. But NIA’s are frequently put on the back burner and completed in the late stages of project development, often with some unintended financial and societal risks. So, how can we get the conversation started about noise earlier in the planning process?

What if different proposed facility locations could be mapped out with noise impacts identified before a project starts, including considerations from other nearby noise-emitting facilities? What if different equipment types and quantities could be assessed for each of these locations? How would this insight change project location selection, scheduling and budgets?

The team at Patching Associates wanted to find a new approach to Noise Impact Assessments to provide clients with more insight to their noise risk earlier in their project planning, and to provide guidance on the type of NIA best suited for each facility. Leveraging 30 years of measuring sound, thousands of NIA’s completed and hundreds of thousands of field measurement data points, Patching Associates created an innovative online tool for quickly assessing facility noise-related risk.

Cut Through The Noise With SoundComply

SoundComply is a free, easy to use online tool that provides energy and resource companies insight into noise risk and a pathway to complete a noise assessment to achieve Directive 038 compliance.

Leveraging Patching Associates’ database, the AER database and other publicly sourced information, SoundComply assesses the risk of noise impacts early in the project and establishes the level of detail and planning effort required, tailored to the risk. This high detailed look into the study area of a proposed, existing or expanding facility enables facility owners and designers to use their time and data more efficiently during project planning.

SoundComply is a free, interactive online tool that helps oil and gas facilities understand their noise risk by analyzing facility noise sources in relation to adjacent facilities and residences, and provides guidance on the best type of noise assessment.

SoundComply is designed to be used at any project stage, regardless if specifics have been confirmed, or if it’s still early in the planning stages. While it does help to have certain confirmations, the tool is designed to be interactive and flexible where worse case assumptions can be inputted throughout, and results can still be produced.

Manage Facility Noise Before It Becomes A Problem

The results of SoundComply can provide valuable insights into the type of noise assessment required for regulatory application submission, saving time and money. 

With the right information entered, SoundComply can determine if a Screening Noise Impact Assessment, or a more detailed NIA is appropriate for a particular facility, based on its location, type of equipment and proximity of neighbouring facilities and residences.

Starting a noise impact assessment with Soundcomply

While the SoundComply report can’t be used as part of a Noise Impact Assessment application, or to replace one altogether, it will make the process a whole lot easier and get the conversation about noise and its impact on the community started a whole lot earlier.

Create a free SoundComply account and assess your facility noise risk.

Expertise Innovated

Designed by Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering and backed by more than 30 years of experience and data, SoundComply is the science of acoustics simplified. Using this online tool is your first step towards meeting regulations, controlling costs, and mitigating risk.